Portrait Commissions


The process

As an artist, portraits have always been my first love, and it is a unique privilege to become a part of my collectors’ lives in such a unique way. Whether your painting is of yourself or a loved one, I handle each commission with great care to ensure that the subject's likeness and personality are faithfully captured, taking time not only to consult the client at each stage of the process but also get to know the subject on a personal level. By combining time-honored techniques with top quality archival materials, I ensure that not only will your painting be uniquely beautiful, but that its beauty is heirloom quality.

Beginning your portrait

My first step is to meet with you to discuss your vision for your portrait commission. We’ll discuss the subject to be painted, the scale of the piece, and any stylistic preferences you have, including the pose, setting, apparel, and best approaches to capturing their likeness.

I recommend that the client and subject come to my studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, for a relaxed sitting that includes reference photography and preliminary painting. This ensures that I can provide the best conditions for the portrait, and allows me to capture nuances of color and likeness that photography often fails to reproduce.The client provides a 50% installment at this session.

For commissions that require travel, the client will cover the transportation, food and lodging expenses for the duration of the trip.



Completion and payment

After the initial life painting session, I will return to the studio to bring your portrait to completion. I typically require no more than five weeks to complete a portrait.

When the painting is completed, the client will be invited to my studio to view their finished piece. This will be the first opportunity for the client to look at the piece up close and make any final adjustments.

Once the client is satisfied with the finished portrait, the client will pay the balance and the piece will be varnished and readied for framing. I’m happy to consult on framing options or provide the frame myself for a small additional fee.

Insured shipping is available at cost, with every possible measure taken to ensure the safe delivery.

An 11x14” vignetted oil portrait of a single subject will cost $1250. To determine a larger piece, or one that includes additional subjects, please contact me at info@chelsealang.com.

Want to ask about getting your own portrait?

To discuss your unique painting and learn more about commissions, please contact me using the form below or email me at info@chelsealang.com.

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